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The temperament of Bernedoodle - All You Need To Know!

Bernedoodles are no doubt perfect for many families. Here's all you need to know about the temperament and personality of a Bernedoodle:

Bringing a dog into your family is one of the best decisions you'll ever make. If you're looking for a dog that is goofy, intelligent, highly trainable, and above all has a loving and charming nature, then a Bernedoodle might just be the one for you! In this article, we will explain the temperament of a Bernedoodle and some qualities they possess.

Also known as the Bernese Mountain Poo, this cute breed is quite popular among dog shows as they are very easily trained. Bernedoodles are not bred only to win trophies and ribbons, though. They are also perfect for active families looking for a loyal, gentle, and a goofy companion. This article will explain if Bernedoodles are aggressive or not and answer the question, “are Bernedoodles easy to train?”

What Is A Bernedoodle?


The Bernedoodle or the Bernese Mountain Poo is a hybrid dog breed that is a cross between a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. These cute fluff balls are considered a designer dog breed and were Specifically bred for companionship, which is why they crave attention, love, and cuddles from their owners and everyone they meet. History Although Bernedoodles have been spreading love among families for many years, they were only standardized in 2003. These dogs gained fame when a breeder Named Sherry Rupke from SwissRidge Kennels decided to breed a Bernese Mountain Dog and a Poodle. It all worked out, and the result was an intelligent and very loyal puppy, the best of both worlds! As a bonus, this breed can live up to 18 Years! Appearance Since Poodles have so many different sizes - toy, mini and standard, etc.- Bernedoodles come in various sizes as well. We at Downhomedoodle offer Bernedoodles in Micro, Mini, Medium, and Standard sizes. Another thing that makes this breed unique is that it can vary in color. Thanks to the Bernese Mountain Dog and the Poodle, it comes in many colors, most commonly traditional tri, merle tri, sable, and many other variations! Typically their fur is curly like a poodle, straight (similar to a Bernese Mountain Dog), or right in the middle and wavy. Thanks to the influence of the Poodle parent, this breed is also considered hypoallergenic to most people and has a low to non-shed coat, which makes them a better companion for those with allergies

Now, let's dive into the most important part, the temperament and behavior of a Bernedoodle. Are they easy to train, and what kind of personality do they possess?

The Nature of a Bernedoodle


Bernedoodles make great companions and perfect family pets. Here are some of their well-known qualities:

  • Intelligent

  • Energetic

  • Stubborn

  • Affectionate

  • Gentle

  • Sensitive

  • Loyal

  • Snuggly

As a bonus, the great news for families with younger kids is that this breed loves and is fond of kids, thanks to their gentle nature.



Just like their Poodle parent, Bernedoodles are very intelligent and highly trainable. Bernedoodles are also curious, which makes training relatively easy. However, like other intelligent breeds, the Bernedoodle requires regular mental and physical stimulation. So having some puzzle toys and playing mind games on a regular basis is essential. Pro Tip: A great game to mentally stimulate a dog is to gather all of its toys and put them in a box or container. Hide some of your dog's favorite treats under those toys, let him sniff around, and find them on his own. Once your pooch finds them, that cute tail will start wagging from excitement and joy non-stop! Since Bernedoodles are highly intelligent, this can lead to boredom and frustration if not given proper or adequate mental stimulation, which causes excessive chewing and destructive behaviors. So having plenty of toys for your puppy is a good idea. "Give them a job to do ... going for walks, agility trials, or even placing a backpack on their back can help mimic a job. They will end feeling more fulfilled and have less anxious, OCD behaviors." - Adam Christman, DVM



Bernedoodles may be very intelligent, but adolescents often possess the stubborn streak passed down from their Bernese Mountain Dog parents. Just like humans, this breed sometimes won't want to listen to any command. However, this trait tends to fade away as they age and mature. The most important thing when training Bernedoodle puppies is patience and perseverance. Go for teaching them one command at a time and keep them focused. As mentioned above, some puppies might be stubborn and avoid learning new things, but the most important thing is to stay patient and keep them focused. Make sure to not shout at them as they can be sensitive, and don’t forget to reward them with delicious treats or warm cuddles if they obey a command or learn something new. Even the most stubborn of fluff balls can be very charming and charismatic with positive reinforcement training.

Energy Levels & Stimulation


Bernedoodles are not overly energetic. However, they do well with at least a 30-40 minute walk daily, especially during their younger years. Mental and physical stimulation is also essential to drain their energy levels and avoid boredom and frustration. " A tired dog is a good dog " so make sure you provide plenty of exercise for your dog. Here are some great ways to reduce their energy levels:

  • Regular walks & Jogs.

  • Backyard Obstacle Course.

  • Physical Games (fetch, swimming, running, etc.)

  • Food puzzles

  • Doggie daycare

  • Dog parks



Bernedoodles, being fond of younger kids, are extremely affectionate to their families. Many owners boast about their Bernedoodles being incredibly loving and affectionate to them, as well as their family. This cute little dog can be a perfect childhood companion for your children, thanks to their longer average lifespan of 10-16 years! Bernedoodles never get enough of their families and love wanting to please their owners and family members. Note: Bernedoodles love to stay with their family. They can't be left alone for long periods of time, or they start to exhibit behaviors of loneliness and separation anxiety. Do Bernedoodles Like Hugs?? Bernedoodles are highly affectionate and love being around their human families, especially kids. They love attention and crave regular cuddle sessions. Believe it or not, many of these cuties are trained to become therapy dogs! This affectionate breed makes excellent therapy dogs, and for a good reason. They're social by nature, love cuddles, crave human interaction, and like to have a “job” or a sense of purpose.

Gentle Nature


The gentle nature of a Bernedoodle makes them a no-brainer for many families. Naturally, this breed is curious and cautious before meeting someone new, but once it knows you (usually within minutes), it won't stop asking for cuddles and hugs from you. Bernedoodles love spending time with their favorite people in the family and also love to interact with other dogs. Similar to many other breeds, Bernedoodles are curious. So, it is a great idea to go for hikes and discover new places with your companion once in a while.



While they love to please their owners, Bernedoodles can be sensitive dogs, especially if they inherit more of the Bernese Mountain Dog's nature. This breed does not respond well to harsh corrections and punishments. A Bernedoodle will exceed your expectations if you provide a positive rewards-based approach in training sessions. Again, many of these dogs are trained to become therapy dogs! They are sensitive to changes in family members moods or feelings. They can get their feelings hurt when harshly scolded but they are always ready to give love and comfort to children and adults alike. Don't Overwork Your Bernedoodle! Bernedoodles love to learn new things and are excited about everything they do, especially if they inherit more of the Poodle parent's traits. However, it is important to keep the training sessions short and let them practice one command at a time. A 15-20 minute session should be plenty, don't overdo it; otherwise, your puppy might get too tired and won't respond to any command. Patience and a positive attitude are essential when training a Bernedoodle.

Is a Bernedoodle Easy To Train?


Bernedoodles thrive and exceed your expectations at learning things if you keep the training sessions short, have a positive approach, and keep a laser-sharp focus. This hybrid breed loves to learn new things. So now that you're familiar with the temperament of a Bernedoodle, the question remains - is a Bernedoodle good for you?

Is a Bernedoodle Good For You?


So should you get a Bernedoodle? We say yes! But, we admit we're biased so you'll have to decide for yourself. It really depends on your lifestyle. Before choosing any breed, it is important to consider your lifestyle and evaluate whether or not you can provide the best environment to raise a dog and meet all its needs. If you have a fairly active family and young kids, then Bernedoodle might just be the best option for you! Because they come in many sizes, it's a no-brainer to go for a Bernedoodle, even if you live in an apartment. Just make sure you can house train your dog, and try to ensure there is always someone to interact with your dog when you are not at home. Many of our puppies go to live in apartments! Bernedoodles are very compatible in apartments as long as they receive regular exercise and stimulation. So if you can provide that, don't let lack of space limit you from inviting a sweet ball of fur to join your life. You won't regret it, I promise!

Where Can I Get a Bernedoodle?


The temperament of a Bernedoodle, its non-aggressive nature and ability to be trained makes it a great pet for many families! When getting a Bernedoodle, it is important to choose a reputable breeder who cares for parent dogs and puppies alike! We at Down Home Doodle are a reputable and experienced team of Bernedoodle breeders and trainers. Our priority is to provide healthy puppies and offer the best training support to ensure a forever home for all of our puppies!

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We have an F1, he required a lot of training but we also got trained as his handler/owner. We work full time so he was left alone a lot in the beginning and was getting in trouble like chewing and breaking things.

But we didn’t give up on him, we knew as a family we need to be trained and we found trainers. He’s the sweetest, loving and friendly (to small humans and other dogs), He’s also treat driven so highly trainable.

In general, no one should have a dog if they can’t commit to what the dog needs are. But that’s just a personal opinion. Any dog can be a good companion, but we need to honor their personalities…


1 year old large bernadoodle. So lovable. BUT so aggressive towards all dogs. What's up.


We just got a bernadoodle n we love her. She's 4 months old we had her a month more , I could use help with the puppy bitting n potty training, if u have any suggestions I would love 2 hear from you , thank u 😊


Me too…Sofie is 12 weeks and biting “gently “ a lot!

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