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Down Home Doodle was officially established in 2014 by Samantha Nelson and her family, Down Home Doodle embodies Samantha's deep love for dogs and her dedication to creating the ultimate family companion. Having previously ventured into the world of dog shows with her Bernese Mountain Dogs, Samantha's journey led her to realize that the competitive nature of that environment and the way the dogs were treated was not where her heart truly lay. Drawing on her experience and passion, Samantha sourced top Bernese lines from seven countries across the globe, forming the cornerstone of Down Home Doodle.

Over a decade, Samantha meticulously curated a network of exceptional guardian homes, puppy raisers, genetic specialists, veterinarians, dog trainers, flight nannies, and ground transfer experts to establish what is now regarded as one of the premier Bernedoodle breeding programs worldwide. Together with her daughter, Elyzza, Samantha now devotes her time to conducting regular visits to puppy raisers' homes, collaborating closely with families to match them with their ideal furry companion. These visits not only serve to provide weekly updates for the website and adopting families but also ensure that each puppy receives the proper care and socialization crucial for their development.

Based in both Utah and Ohio, Down Home Doodle specializes in transporting puppies across the USA and around the world. When you choose to adopt from Down Home Doodle, Samantha and Elyzza will personally guide you through the adoption journey, serving as your main points of contact every step of the way.

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