Tiny     Paws

During our training program, we will cover all costs associated with basic care of your puppy for the time they are with us. They will receive all vaccinations and worming medication during their stay, as is determined best by our veterinarian for their age and circumstance.

We created our Tiny Paws program, for those that wanted their puppies to have a foundation. Many of our clients do not have the time, or knowledge to train their puppy from the ground up. Our program will help you and your puppy start off on the right foot. 

When puppies go home at eight weeks old, they have just been weaned and are still learning pack dynamics. They are challenging, require consistency, and dedication. They have little bladder control and need potty breaks every couple hours. They are in the teething stage and love to chew. As your puppy is learning their place in the pack, they will test boundaries, bite, scratch, and jump. Although the puppy stage is fun and rewarding, it can leave you frustrated if you don’t know how to work through these behaviors. 

Our four week program will give your puppy extra time with their siblings, and other puppies their age. Other puppies are the best teachers when it comes to the, “if you bite me, I’ll bite you back” mentality. This will lower their bite inhibition, and teach them to be respectful to both other dogs and people. We also set firm boundaries with them when it comes to manners.

Your puppy will begin to learn basic commands, such as sit, place, crate, leash skills, and stay. We also work on crate training, and potty training. Although all puppies progress differently, most are able to gain an understanding of these commands, and have a good foundation on potty and crate training.

At twelve weeks old, your puppy will still require your dedication, but they will be less challenging. Their minds are more mature, and they are eager to learn and please. They have much better bladder control at this age,  and can hold their potty for longer periods of time. They are more respectful and are usually over the mouthy puppy stage. 

A big part of our training program is preparing you for your puppy’s transition home. We send weekly updates, and include tons of tips & tricks, in our informational guide. After your puppy goes home, we encourage you to continue their training and are there to help you with your questions!


The total cost of our Tiny Paws Program is $2500. After they complete training, they can go-home, or stay for our additional training program. Click here to learn about our level two program, Little Paws Academy.