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Little     Paws

During our training program, we will cover all costs associated with basic care of your Bernedoodle puppy for the time they are with us. They will receive all vaccinations and worming medication during their stay, as is determined best by our veterinarian for their age and circumstance.

Our Little Paws Program is our second level of training, and is completed after our Tiny Paws Program. It is from twelve to twenty weeks old. Many of our clients choose to have their pup participate in our Little Paws Program because they want an older puppy that is well started on training. When this program ends at twenty weeks (five months old), your puppy will be well on their way to being fully trained.

We understand that if the pup’s new family doesn’t have the knowledge necessary to continue their training, their training can easily be forgotten and bad habits can form. We send weekly information, offer video calls, and are always there to support you even after your pup goes home.

At sixteen weeks of age, your puppy will be fully vaccinated, and we can start taking them on outings. In our last month of training, when and if possible, we love to test your pup’s skills in different environments.

Our main focus in Little Paws Academy is to teach your puppy to be unreactive, well socialized, and well behaved. Although at any stage in your pup’s training, they will still require consistency and dedication, your pup will have a solid foundation to continue building on. Here are some commands we teach in Little Paws Academy.  If these commands were already learned in Tiny Paws Academy, we will continue mastering them. Sit, place, crate, down, good leash skills, and stay for long periods of time. Most puppies are able to learn all these commands, but every pup learns differently. If your pup is ready to learn new things, we like to introduce them to our agility equipment, and new tricks. Usually we are able to teach your pup at least one fun command, aside from obedience training!

Our Academy programs are $2500/a month. (Little Paws is two months). After Little Paws Academy, they are free to go-home, or, in come cases, stay for our additional training program.

 Click here to learn about our level three program, Big Paws Academy.

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