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DowN hoME AcadEmY


We strive to give our puppies the best beginnings possible for an easier transition home. A large part of our time is dedicated to training our new puppies. We have 2  levels of training at this time. We have named the first level Tiny Paws and the second, Little Paws. These programs begin at 8 weeks and continue on up to either week 12 or week 20 respectively. Both training academies are led and organized by Elyzza, our lead Trainer, and have proven to be worth the wait. Graduates of our Training programs generally have an easier time adjusting to a new environment and house train quickly.


Tiny     Paws

Weeks 8-12

Begins at 8 weeks and continues for 1 month. In Tiny Paws, the puppies work on sit, stay, place, leash walking & crate training. Puppies at graduation are usually sleeping through the night in their crates and some will need one potty break.

Housebreaking needs to be done once your puppy is home.

Little     Paws

Weeks 12-20

Begins at 12 weeks and continues for 2 months. In Little Paws, the puppies master sit, stay, long wait place, leash walking, heelwork on and off-leash, recall, controlling excitement, and crate training. All puppies graduating from Little Paws Academy are sleeping through the night in their crates.

We work with all of our puppies on housebreaking, but moving to a new environment will still require you to do some training once they are home.


Big     Paws

Offered on a case-by-case basis

Usually Begins at 20 weeks after Little paws. In Big Paws, The puppies work on perfecting the skills they learned in Tiny and Little Paws along with so much more! Puppies at graduation are well socialized in many environments. This training option is ideal for future service animals.

Our Graduates

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