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A home without a doodle is just

a house

We are an experienced team specializing in breeding and training Bernedoodles. Our focus is on breeding healthy puppies and providing the training support needed to ensure a forever home for each of our puppies.

Bernedoodle, Micro Bernedoodle, Tri-colored, puppy

Average 15-25 pounds

The perfect size for frequent travelers that need a dog who will stay small enough to fly on a plane or travel with.

Bernedoodle, Mini Bernedoodle, Tri-colored, puppy

Average 25-40 pounds

They can be laid back and love to spend time snuggling on your lap but also enjoy a long hike with dip in the lake.

Bernedoodle, Medium Bernedoodle, Merle, Tri-colored, puppy

Average 40-50 pounds

Laid back, similar disposition to Mini Bernedoodles but more fluff to love. 

Bernedoodle, Standard Bernedoodle, Merle, Tri-colored, puppy

Average 75 pounds

Most are standards are very calm and laid back but they can still be playful and up for a long walk from time to time.


Beef Rib, Beef Trachea, Beef Liver, Training treats, Dog Treats, Beef, Puppy treats
Training Treats
Beef Rib, Beef Trachea, Beef Liver, Training treats, Dog Treats, Beef, Puppy treats
Beef Rib
Beef Rib, Beef Trachea, Beef Liver, Training treats, Dog Treats, Beef, Puppy treats
Beef Trachea
Beef Rib, Beef Trachea, Beef Liver, Training treats, Dog Treats, Beef, Puppy treats
Beef Liver


Jonathon G

“I have been so impressed with the thoughtful accommodations made to ensure each puppy is loved and cared for. Very thorough, very accommodating, very loved and cared for puppies. Couldn't say enough great things about Down Home Doodles!"

Sam T

“Down Home Doodles are more than I ever could’ve hoped for in a breeder — from start (selection of our puppy and pre-pick up communication), puppy pick up (Lyn and her daughter were so thorough with the information they provided us and made sure we were comfortable with EVERYTHING — training, food, etc. — before leaving with our pup), all the way through to bringing our puppy home, and I expect throughout her life. My family has always had dogs, but this is MY first. As this is my first dog, there are obviously a lot of questions at every turn.. Lyn has answered my thousands of questions in such a great way.. ranging from medical questions to feed and training, Lyn is seemingly an expert. Not to mention she and her daughter are amazing trainers. I would recommend Down Home Doodles to anyone looking to add a healthy, loving Bernedoodle to their home."

Eric M and Kenzie C

"Down Home Doodle is an incredible breeder that our family absolutely recommends. We have already turned all of our friends into Bernedoodle lovers. We couldn’t be happier with the entire experience. From initially answering our questions about adoption to now supporting us as Charlie becomes comfortable in our home, every step of the way was positive and we felt as though we were adopting Charlie from friends.  Our Charlie is healthy, happy, and the most beautiful dog. With training she came home to us with the basic skills down so it was an easy transition. We can’t wait to adopt again from Down Home!"

Nick E

“I would recommend 100% buying a dog from Down Home Doodles. Their family are some of the nicest and sweetest people I’ve ever met. They really care about their puppies and even took time to help me out with training my pup! Thank you guys!!!"

Melanie D

“Down Home Doodles are so knowledgeable on how to raise a healthy, well-socialized and trainable puppy. The time and commitment they put into their puppies and dogs is commendable and it shows in the well-behaved puppies they send to their new homes💗."

Amanda L

“Without question I will always recommend Down Home Doodle for anyone looking for a pup!!! They are very knowledgeable with their breeding, ensuring you will have the best addition to your family, and answer any and all questions! The environment they raise their pups in until they go to their new homes is awesome and loving. They have all the parts you’d want in a dog breeder for your new pup. We’ve gotten two bernedoodles through them and have been so happy with them both!"


If you want to see more of our pups you can find them on Instagram @herc_and_luna

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Worldwide Delivery

For our puppies departing from the East Coast, we have partnered with one of the most well-known and trusted canine delivery services in the nation. They offer in-person, door-to-door service at a very reasonable price. With multiple drivers, they are able to drive non-stop to get their precious cargo home quickly and safely. Each furry traveler has their own space with a state of the art wash down and potty system on board. This space can share with a sibling, an approved friend or used alone. Before departure, each traveler must be vetted by a licensed veterinarian to receive a health certificate to ensure all travelers are healthy. This is our most popular and highly-rated method for our puppies traveling home.

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