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Bernedoodles: Bernedoodle Coat Colors Revealed

Bernedoodles, the delightful crossbreed between Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles, have taken the canine world by storm with their charming personalities and adorable looks. One of the fascinating aspects of Bernedoodles is the wide array of colors they come in. From classic monochromatic tones to stunning patterns, these furry companions bring a kaleidoscope of colors into our lives. Let's dive into the captivating world of Bernedoodle colors!

1. Traditional Tricolor

The most common color pattern found in Bernedoodles is the traditional tricolor. These pups boast a striking combination of black, white, and brown. The base color is typically black, with white markings on the face, chest, and paws. The rich brown hue appears on the eyebrows, cheeks, legs, and sometimes on the tail. This classic tricolor coat reflects the heritage of the Bernese Mountain Dog.

Mama Eva

2. Phantom

Phantom Bernedoodles exhibit a captivating two-tone pattern. The primary color is usually black, while the second color appears as markings on specific areas such as the eyebrows, cheeks, chest, legs, and under the tail. The secondary color can range from brown, apricot, cream, silver, or even blue.

3. Sable

Sable Bernedoodles showcase a stunning and unique coat color. They have a base color that ranges from light cream to dark brown, with individual hair strands showing multiple shades. The result is a beautiful blend that creates depth and dimension in their coat. Sable Bernedoodles often have darker tips on their ears, tail, and back.

Sasha @downhomedoodle baby

4. Parti

Parti Bernedoodles are known for their show-stopping coat patterns. These pups have a predominantly white base color, with large patches of any other color, such as black, brown, or even apricot. The patches can be evenly distributed or sporadic, creating a playful and eye-catching appearance.

5. Merle

Merle Bernedoodles exhibit a stunning and unique coat pattern characterized by patches or streaks of diluted colors, often on a base of black or brown. The diluted colors can be gray, blue, or even red, resulting in a mesmerizing and marbled effect. Merle Bernedoodles are highly sought after for their striking and one-of-a-kind appearances.

6. Solid Colors

While Bernedoodles are often associated with multi-colored coats, they can also come in solid colors. These include black, brown, cream, apricot, and even silver. Solid-colored Bernedoodles exude elegance and simplicity, showcasing the beauty of a single hue.

Bernedoodles are a testament to the beauty and diversity found in the world of dog breeds. From the classic tricolor to the mesmerizing merles, and everything in between, these charismatic canines bring a burst of color into our lives. Whether you're drawn to the traditional or captivated by the unconventional, there's a Bernedoodle coat color to suit every preference. Embrace the vibrant world of Bernedoodles and let their colorful personalities brighten your days!

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Stay safe and wag on!


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