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Available Rescues

As of November 2022 Down Home Doodle has officially opened up a rescue chapter to our program. During the pandemic there was a huge demand for puppies which caused an influx of people breeding dogs. This has put increased pressure on our shelters and we want to help. Using our expertise in training and dog care we are taking on some of these unwanted Bernedoodles. Many of our rescues are older puppies come from back yard breeders who can't find them homes. Others are dumped adult dogs that are unsocialized and require special homes. We rarely have history of their past health. Others have never been handled and are just about feral. Our rescues recieve a full nose to tail exam from our vet and are given any recommended treatments before being adopted. Our trainers put them through the necessary training program to ensure they have a forever placement. All rescues will be spayed and neutered before leaving DHD.

Available Rescues

Adoption fee is $5,000.
Included in adoption fee:
Vet care as needed or recommended (value varies)
Spay/neuter ($700 value)
Tiny Paws Academy, Level 1 graduation ($2500 value)
Little Paws Academy, Level 2 graduation ($5,000 value)
Microchip ($75 value)
All recommended vaccines ($500 value)
Tick/flee treatment ($100 value)

Available Now

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