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Ben the bernedoodle

Meet Ben! We are pleased to announce Ben will be joining our training program.
He will be offered as a fully trained pup in late summer/fall 2023. 


WhatsApp Image 2023-02-17 at 07.40.37.jpg

A note from elyzza

"Ben is Susie and Jimmy’s baby. Over the years, we have had hundreds of Jimmy puppies and we have learned they have very good, consistent personalities. In 2022, we had the opportunity to train one of our Jimmy pups, Frankie through our Big Paws Program. We absolutely loved him and his family adores him too. When little Ben was born, I couldn’t help but notice how similar he is to Frankie. He has the same markings, the same blue in his eye, and has a strikingly similar personality. I decided to hold back Mr. Ben for our training program. He will be ready to go home in the fall of 2023. I’m so excited to watch Ben progress!"

Follow Ben’s journey on IG! @thebernedoodleben.
His Instagram will be transferred to his new family after he goes home.
Until then, we will be sharing his journey there.

Ben's look alike,  frankie

Frankie is Ben's half brother and now lives in Texas! He is absolutely adored by his family. I expect Ben to be very similar to Frankie in both looks and temperment as he matures! Here is what Frankie looks like now as an adult!  


Ben's parents


WhatsApp Image 2022-12-11 at 07.20.36.jpg



Susie is one of Down Home's mommas. Susie is an AKC registered Bernese Mountain Dog. She loves people and will lay to be pet all day long. Susie is an amazing mom and very attentive to her puppies.

Jimmy is one of Down Home's dads. He is very gentle, and mellow. He loves to sit on your lap and relax. He loves people but girls are his favorite. He is smart and very loyal. His genetics are great too, and because of this, he brings low-non shed coats to his puppies. His puppies always have great temperaments and great coats,

14 Week Old Update

8 Week Old Update

7 Week Old Update

5 Week Old Update

4 Week Old Update

3 Week Old Update

New Born Update

Adoption $20,000
- Up-to-date on vaccines
- Up-to date on de-worming

-Monthly vet checks
- Microchipped
- FREE delivery in the US
- Foreign delivery available
- FREE 2 day in-person transitional training session

-Instagram account 

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