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​​​Born: March 21, 2024

Pick Day: April 25, 2024

Go-Home Day: May 16, 2024

Socialization Graduation: June 13, 2024


F1 Bernedoodle
Stella is one of our F1 Bernedoodle mamas. She is a very kind hearted girl. She loves everyone, and is extremely gentle with kids. She is quiet and not a barker. She is outgoing and loves to play but will also sit on your lap and cuddle.

F2B Medium Bernedoodle
Meet Mika! Mika is a darling F2B, medium Bernedoodle. It has taken us so many years of testing to finally have this gorgeous guy!

He is a son of Sailor, and Smiley. He is also a full sibling of nutmeg, and pumpkin, our chocolate merle females. 

We are expecting this guy to throw beautiful, full coats, non-fading tan points, and colorful tricolored and merle babies. He carries just the right genetics to have ultra Bernedoodles, as well as multigen mini and mediums.

Mika is a stocky boy and weighs about 42 pounds. We consider him a petite medium Bernedoodle. 

Mika is a very goofy boy and is always the dog to make you laugh. He is not dominant and gets along with any other dog, despite being intact. He is extremely smart and loves learning tricks.


Expected adult weight 50-70Ibs, averaging 60Ibs. Soft textured, straight to loose wavy coat expected at maturity. These puppies are considered Medium Ultra Bernedoodles. Genetically, approximately 32% Poodle and 68% Bernese Mountain Dog. Especially in larger breeds, females generally mature smaller than males.

The 'Three Peas in a Pod' Litter

selection List

*PLEASE NOTE: Selection order posted is preliminary and subject to change based on previous litter’s selection. Final selection order goes in the order deposits are received.
8am Mtn Standard Time 1st Pick K. Ardesco
9am Mtn Standard Time 2nd Pick C. Defraia
10am Mtn Standard Time 3rd Pick A. Simental

3 Week Old Update


Snow Pea



Little Marvel Pea



Lincoln Pea


2 Week Old Update

New  Born

6 boys and 3 girls, 9 puppies total.
2 merle boys & 1 merle girl, 2 dark face 1 girl & 1 boy, 2 mostly dark face 1 girl & 1 boy, 2 nice tri boys
Puppies will be priced at $2000-$4500 depending on markings.
Individual photos will be posted at 3-4 weeks of age.

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