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Born: January 25, 2024​​

Pick Day: February 29, 2024

Go-Home Day: March 21, 2024

Socialization Graduation: April 18,2024

Mini Poodle
Oakley is a 13lb AKC registered Mini Poodle. She loves all other animals and people. Her eyes are so soft and sweet. Annie has a clear genetic panel, carries double tri and double parti.


King Charles Spaniel
Charlie, our AKC Registered King Charles Spaniel stud dog of exceptional quality. Charlie has undergone rigorous genetic testing and is clear for DM!  Comprehensive evaluations for his hips, heart, and patella, ensuring his excellent health. Weighing a mere 10lbs, Charlie's petite stature is matched by his gentle, amiable disposition, making him an ideal choice for breeding.


This litter is considered F1 Cavapoos. 10-15Ibs full grown. Expected coat type is soft wavy.

✈️  The 'Airlines' Litter  ✈️

4 Week Old Update


Chocolate, black & white Parti Female


Black & White Parti Female


Abstract Tri Colored Female


Tri Colored Parti Male

'Jet' Blue

Tri Colored Parti Male

South 'Westie'

Abstract Tri Colored Male

2 Week Old Update

The Girls

The Boys

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