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​​​Born: July 31, 2023

Pick Day: September 4, 2023

Go-Home Day: September 25, 2023

Socialization Graduation: October 23, 2023

Mini Bernedoodle
Waverley is one of our beautiful Mini Bernedoodle mamas. She is a petite girl weighing about 25Ibs. She has a very calm, gentle temperament but also likes to play. She is an amazing mom. She keeps her pups clean and is extremely caring.


Mini Multi-generation Bernedoodle
Depp is a Mini Multi-generation Bernedoodle (62% Poodle & 38% Bernese) bred and raised right here at Down Home. His lines have strong tan points, perfect health testing and some of the most gentle dispositions we have seen. He has been a project we have been working on for years and we have been anxiously waiting for him to be old enough to breed over the last couple years. So far, we are extremely impressed with his puppies as they arrive. He is an amazing prospect to cross with most of our mommas. Including our F1 Bernedoodles and purebred Bernese since his coat testing is perfect to create beautiful coats that are none to low shedding. Depp's genetic test results have come back 100% clear.


These puppies are considered F2B Mini Bernedoodles.
Estimated adult weight 25-30Ibs. Expected coat type is wavy.

The Clifford Litter

4 Week Old Update


Female - Tri Colored - 3.4lbs
calm, sweet, affectionate


Male - Oreo Merle Tri Colored - 3.0lbs
calm, laid back, cuddly


Female - Oreo Merle Tri Colored - 3.6lbs
cuddly, friendly, playful
RESERVED - Headed to California


Female - Tri Colored - 3.0lbs
friendly, happy, cuddly


Male - Abstract Tri Colored - 2.2lbs
cuddly, sweet, laid back


Male - Blue-eyed Merle Tri Colored - 3.6lbs
curious, happy, sweet

New Born

3 boys, 3 girls
3 Merle tri colored puppies and 3 black tri colored puppies.
Puppies will be priced at $3500-$4500.
Individual photos will be posted at 2 weeks of age.

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