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Down Home Doodle is standing Sailor our F1B Mini Bernedoodle for a limited time, to approved breeders only. Sailor has been a project we have been working on for years and he is just too nice to keep to ourselves. He throws puppies with bright tan points, gentle dispositions and calm demeanors. His health testing is 💯 complete and we couldn’t ask for better results.

The following health tests have been completed

The following tests have been done through the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals:
Hips rating GOOD
Shoulder rating GOOD
Elbow rating NORMAL
Patella rating NORMAL
Heart rating NORMAL

He has had a COMPLETE GENETIC panel ran through Animal Genetic.

DM rating CLEAR
NEwS rating CLEAR
prcd-PRA rating CLEAR
vWD1 rating CLEAR

His coat type testing is perfect for F1 Bernedoodles that carry one copy of party or pure bred Bernese. He will throw perfectly marked puppies almost everytime.Hair length l/l two copies of long coat Hair Curl C/C two copies of curlFurnishings F/F two copies of furnishing MOST IMPORTANT Shedding n/n NO copies of the shedding gene.
Our breeding fee comes with a FREE ultrasound with video footage and 3 FREE progesterone tests.
Semen can be shipped in the US and some foreign countries for an additional price. Prices vary based on location.
$3,000 service fee

Sailor and Nova. (Sailor x Remi’s baby). F2B Bernedoodle..jpeg
Freddie Remi X Sailor’s F2B Mini Bernedoodle.jpeg
Ruth F2B.jpeg
Hudson is an Ultrabernedoodle. Son of Lucy(Bernese) and Sailor..jpeg

Sailor x Remi’s baby — Nova
F2B Bernedoodle

Sailor x Remi’s son — Freddie
F2B Mini Bernedoodle

Sailor's Daughter — Ruth
F2B Bernedoodle

Lucy x Sailor's Son — Hudson

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