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​​​Born: January 21, 2023

Pick Day: March 1, 2023

Go-Home Day: March 18, 2023

Tiny Paws Academy Graduation: April 29, 2023

Bernese Mountain dog
Ranah was bred by our team and is sired by our own AKC Champion. Her mother is Princess who has excellent rated hips. Ranah has a beautiful confirmation and will throw that onto her babies. She loves people and attention just like her parents.


Standard Poodle
Rambo is intelligent, loves to please and going for walks. He loves to hang out on the grass and get a belly rub. Like his Dad, Goofy, he loves people with goofy personality that keeps you laughing. He has has sought after genetics that are known for throwing bright tan points. His Dad's puppies always have great temperaments and we are hopeful Rambo will do the same.


This Litter of puppies is considered F1 (50% Poodle and 50% Bernese)

selection List

*PLEASE NOTE: Selection order posted is preliminary and subject to change based on previous litter’s selection. Final selection order goes in the order deposits are received.
8am Mtn Standard Time Premium Pick OPEN
9am Mtn Standard Time 2nd pick L. True
10am Mtn Standard Time 3rd pick OPEN
11am Mtn Standard Time 4th pick OPEN
12am Mtn Standard Time 5th pick OPEN

1pm Mtn Standard Time 6th pick OPEN
2pm Mtn Standard Time 7th pick OPEN

FolloW Us oN YouTubE

5 Week old Update


Female 1 0438 - 5.8lbs - $3500


Female 2 0553 - 5.6lbs - $3500


Female 3 0451 - 6.5lbs

RESERVED - Headed to New Jersey


Female 4 0448 - 5.9lbs

RESERVED - Headed to Puerto Rico


Female 5 0457 - 5.9lbs- $3500


Female 6 0446 - 2.6lbs - $3500

New Born Update

2 weeks old Update

3 Merle Girls

4 Tri Girls

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