Hi, my name is Micalister! If you have been following my family at Down Home for awhile you will know my adored Mama, Lacy and my Grandmother, Princess. My Grandmother is know for her sweet disposition and her excellent health testing. She lives with one of our amazing guardian homes and is almost retired. Her hips were rated EXCELLENT through OFA. My Mama, Lacey is Down Home’s, Founder’s absolute favorite because of her endearing personality. Her guardian Dad is her best friend and they are inseparable. When me and my sibs were born the caregivers here at Down Home sent off each of our genetics to be tested because they were looking for something very specific with coat type and color. Well, I was the lucky one of eleven that had exactly what they were hoping for. They say I am a special boy and give me extra belly rubs. For now, I live with my family at Down Home. Elyzza, our trainer has been working with me now that I am growing out of my puppy stage to teach me all my basic obedience. The amazing groomer here keeps my coat looking amazing. She raves about the amazing texture and color. Many of you will also know my bro, Peanut. If you don’t, checkout his highlight on IG.  He lives across the street at Grandma’s house. Sometimes he comes over for play dates. My family is hopeful to see my pups sometime in the beginning of 2023. Thanks for reading.