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​​​Born: July 4, 2022

Pick Day: *Available Now*

Go-Home Day: August 29, 2022

Tiny Paws Academy Graduation: September 26, 2022

Little Paws Academy Graduation: November 21, 2022

Bernese Mountain Dog
Lady is champion Sired by our AKC Champion Mr. Both of her parents were imported to the US  to bring new lines of Bernese to our program. Because of this, her Genetics are amazing. She is sweet and friendly and absolutely adores people. Like her mom Kiko, She finds her people and sticks with them! You can almost always find her on our front porch relaxing and just waiting to say hello to everyone she sees.


Miniature Poodle
Jimmy is very gentle, and mellow. He loves to sit on yur lap and relax. Like Maggie, he loves people but girls are his favorite. He is smart and very loyal. His genetics are great too, and because of this, he brings low-non Shed coats to his puppies. His puppies always have great temperaments and great coats,


This Litter of puppies is considered F1 (50% Poodle and 50% Bernese)

Where is Lady?

You may notice the photos below show these sweet puppies spending time with a Golden Retriever rather than their birth mom Lady. Naturally you may wonder why the bernedoodles are being raised by a surrogate! Well we have an answer for you!

Lady's babies are being raised by an amazing Mama at Soaring Golden Retrievers due to a uterus infection that Lady developed. The infection hindered her milk production. Because of this, we needed to find a substitute mom to keep the little ones fed. Soaring Goldens has done a phenomenal job. Now, both Lady and her babies are thriving and doing great! You can follow these puppies and their sweet step mom on Instagram: @soaringgoldenretrievers

Lady x JimmY 

Lady's puppies 1.jpeg
Lady's puppies 2.jpeg
Lady's puppies 3.jpeg
Lady's puppies 4.jpeg
Lady's puppies 5.jpeg
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