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​​​Born: May 14, 2023

Pick Day: June 19, 2023

Go-Home Day: July 9, 2023

Socialization Graduation: August 6, 2023

Standard Poodle
Elsa is one of our beautiful standard poodle mamas! She is daughter of two of our top dogs, Dolly and Goofy. Elsa is a small standard and weighs about 40Ibs. She has the cutest personality and loves everyone. She is not a barker and is gentle with kids. She is a carrier of DM, but is completely clear otherwise. 


Bernese Mountain dogJack is one of our newest Bernese daddies. He is an exciting addition to our program. Mr, his dad is an AKC Champion Bernese. He was imported from Brazil. His mama, Kiko was imported from Poland. Jack is maturing to be just as stocky and well built as both of his parents. He has a goofy, happy personality just like his dad. He is always laying on your feet and follows you everywhere. He is also completely clear genetically


This Litter of puppies is considered F1 (50% Poodle and 50% Bernese)

The Sesame Street Litter

selection List

*PLEASE NOTE: Selection order posted is preliminary and subject to change based on previous litter’s selection. Final selection order goes in the order deposits are received.
8am Mtn Standard Time Premium Pick OPEN
9am Mtn Standard Time 1st pick N. Miethe
10am Mtn Standard Time
 2nd pick P. Lawrence
11am Mtn Standard Time
 3rd pick OPEN
12pm Mtn Standard Time
 4th pick OPEN
1pm Mtn Standard Time
 5th pick OPEN

2 Week Old Update


Female — Tri colored — 4.6lbs


Male — Merle Tri colored — 3.6lbs


Male — Merle Tri colored — 4.0lbs


Male — Tri colored — 4.6lbs


Female — Tri colored — 3.8lbs


Female — Merle Tri colored — 4.0lbs

The Females

The Males

New  Born

Three males and three females. Individual photos will be posted at 2 weeks of age.

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