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​​​Due: December 7, 2022

Pick Day: To be announced

Go-Home Day: February 1, 2022

Tiny Paws Academy Graduation: March 1, 2023

Little Paws Academy Graduation: April 26, 2023

F1 Mini Bernedoodle 
Dotty is daughter to Patches, one of our most sought after Mini Poodles. She has great tan points and a cute little build compact body type. We have done all the recommended health testing and she passed each one. This is her first litter and we can't wait to see her puppies. Dotty lives in a guardian home near by that loves her dearly. 


F1B Mini Bernedoodle
Sailor is not only our breeding dog but he is part of our family at lives at Down Home full time. We purchased Sailor to expand our multigeneration program. We have done every health panel recommended and there wasn't one he didn't pass. He is a proven stud and throws beautiful  puppies with amazing dispositions. 


This Litter of puppies is considered F2b Bernedoodles: An f2b Bernedoodle (also known as the Teddy Bear Bernedoodle) is a cross between an f1 Bernedoodle and an f1b Bernedoodle. They have just a bit more of the Poodle than the Bernese and are also a great choice for families with mild to moderate allergies.

selection List

*PLEASE NOTE: Selection times will be listed in the order deposits are received. Times listed can change until selection day if people on previous litters use their pass. 
8am Mtn Standard Time Premium Pick OPEN
9am Mtn Standard Time 2nd pick B. Harris​
10am Mtn Standard Time 3rd pickOPEN
11am Mtn Standard Time 4th pick OPEN
12am Mtn Standard Time 5th pick OPEN
1pm Mtn Standard Time 6th pick OPEN
2pm Mtn Standard Time 7th pick OPEN
3pm Mtn Standard Time 8th pick OPEN

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