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​​​Born: December 5, 2023

Pick Day: Approx. January 9, 2024

Go-Home Day: January 30, 2024

Socialization Graduation: February 27, 2024

F1 Bernedoodle


F1B Bernedoodle
Meet Max! Max is one of our dads here at Down Home. He is a F1B Bernedoodle that weighs about 28Ibs. He has a chill pup and has a calm temperament. He gets along with any other dog or animal. Everyone is impressed with his great manners and quiet personality when they meet him. He has amazing markings with bright tan points. He has a soft, wavy coat and a stocky build!


These puppies are considered F2B Multigeneration Bernedoodles.
Approximately 63% poodle and 37% Bernese. Estimated adult weight 28-32Ibs full grown.
Expected coat type soft, wavy to loose curls.

selection List

*PLEASE NOTE: Selection order posted is preliminary and subject to change based on previous litter’s selection. Final selection order goes in the order deposits are received.
8am Mtn Standard Time Premium Pick OPEN
9am Mtn Standard Time 1st Pick OPEN
10am Mtn Standard Time 2nd Pick OPEN
11am Mtn Standard Time 3rd Pic
12pm Mtn Standard Time
 4th Pick OPEN
1pm Mtn Standard Time
 5th Pick OPEN
2pm Mtn Standard Time 6th Pick OPEN
3pm Mtn Standard Time
 7th Pick OPEN

1 Week old Update

The Girls

The Boys

New  Born

6 boys, 2 girls. 8 tri colored puppies
Puppies will be priced at $2500-$4500 depending on markings.
Individual photos will be posted at 3-4 weeks of age.

The Boys

the Girls.jpg

The Girls

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