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​​​Due: January 1, 2023

Pick Day: To be announced

Go-Home Day: Approx. February 26, 2023

Tiny Paws Academy Graduation: Approx. March 26, 2023

Little Paws Academy Graduation: Approx. May 21, 2023

Mini tri-colored Poodle
Annie is a 10lb AKC registered Mini Poodle. She loves to sit by the fire and snuggle with you. Her eyes are so soft and sweet. Annie has a clear genetic panel, carries double tri and double parti. 


Mini tri-colored Poodle
Asher is an AKC registered tri-colored Mini Poodle. He is one of the smallest Mini Poodles that we use. His genetic panel is completely clear which is rare for a Mini Poodle especially for things like CDDY and CDPA. Asher is outgoing, loves people and will sit in your lap all day long.


This Litter of puppies are AKC registered mini poodles.

selection List

*Please note, selection order goes in the order deposits are received. The wait selection list posted is not final and selection order may change if someone uses their pass on a previous litter.*
8am Mtn Standard Time Premium Pick OPEN
9am Mtn Standard Time 2nd pick OPEN
10am Mtn Standard Time 3rd pick OPEN

11am Mtn Standard Time 4th pick OPEN
12am Mtn Standard Time 5th pick OPEN
1pm Mtn Standard Time
6th pick OPEN

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